Quantumloop Propulsion

Light Field Propulsion

The future of transportation has dawned

Quantumloop Propulsion

Quantumloop is a novel field propulsion technology based on a unique Light Field Propeller technology.

We are an early stage startup in Silicon Valley, CA. Technology is at a TRL3 stage and ongoing. Validation and feasibility stage.

Quantumloop Technology

Since the last century - has been the reliance of fuels i.e. energy storage driven by chemistry for propulsion. Whether it is hydrocarbon, electric, hydrogen, etc. This seems to be a difficult proposition for sustainability and climate protection. This implies we have used bigger and bigger power sources brute forcing our way forward. What is needed is a sustainable solution that harnesses energy naturally and is able to provide extraordinary capabilities across forms of transportation such as high manouverability, speeds, range, etc. Likely the current energy storage driven approach is incapable of ever addressing such needs. So, there is a need to move forward - with a technology like Quantumloop, that relies on ambient energy.

The technology consists of a proprietary Light Field Propeller technology. As expected a propeller produces propulsion. The engine works through a proprietary method to harness ambient energy (inertia) for propulsion through the light engine. Thus, energy for propulsion is through ambient energy actually. Thus, the extraordinary energy benefits of the technology


Quantumloop Engine


The same engine can be used for any application - sea, air, land, and space. Expectedly each application will need appropriate control system and integrations for the specific application - but the engine itself should be mostly the same. This is feasible due to the ambient energy aspect as mentioned before - which is universally relevant.

For marine - Highly energy efficient propulsion since there is no propellers in the water - the most energy intensive operation being the propeller needing to churn the water to produce propulsion

For aircraft - highly energy effecient. But capable of indpeendently all electric propulsion at high speeds and loads

Planned configuration (example for marine):

Output thrust: 1 kN

Power Input: Upto 0.5 kW. Powered by battery/solar feasible. No need for tons of batteries given the low power needs.

Compare to existing electric propulsion: 8-10 kW for the same thrust!

The biggest advantage of Quantumloop is that we do not need to move the water as in normal propellers. This is the big energy hog and why land based EV trends are difficult to duplicate in the water to date. Rather short range, low speeds, enormous charging needs and large, expensive, lots of heavy batteries

As we build more real world results, we will be able to offer it directy with mainstream vehicle manufacturers, when the full power of the technology may be accessed. Also, the above configuration is shown as in an initial plan - significantly larger output thrust is feasible to the scale needed for commmercial transportation ships.

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